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longs peak routes

Longs can be seen from the I-25 corridor running from south Denver, all the way north to the Wyoming border. If you are going to do this mountain in one day you will need to start well before sunrise to be off the mountain before the afternoon storms come in. It is unquestionably the monarch of the Front Range and northern Colorado. But if you want an easier summit day, camp at boulderfield. The mountains are their own weather system, and weather forecasts from nearby towns often have little to do with actual mountain conditions. Continue southwest to the Keyhole at 13,150'. Past the Homestretch its a 100 foot walk up to the summit. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. From the Longs Peak Trailhead to the summit of Longs Peak along the Keyhole Route is 7.5 miles. Just before reaching the ridge you must pass a chockstone, probably the most difficut move on the climb. The Keyhole route will attract several thousand climbers every summer. (639), Comments Longs Peak Hiking Guide Hiking Longs Peak via the Keyhole Route. Length 14.8 miElevation gain 5039 ftRoute type Out & back I have summited Longs … If you want an alternative that is less crowded, slightly shorter by mileage, longer by time and more difficult actual climbing then the Loft Route is for you. From the Trailhead follow the well marked trail 5.9 miles to the Boulder Field at 12,750'. The best time to climb Longs Peak is from early July to mid-September. It is a world-famous Alpine climb. Now I also create and sell maps of El Cap and Half Dome. Cable Route, Winter, 14ers.com - The Home of Colorado's Highest Peaks, Parting Shot- May All Your Days be Filled with Rainbows, Longs Peak via the Trough in Winter: A Test of Fortitude, Keeping an Old Appointment with Longs Peak, Paying A Visit To The Forgotten Ones + Longs, Alpine Dreams, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Climb the Damn Mountain, Longs Peak Ski Descent: South Face to Loft Couloir, Kicking it up a Notch: A Culinary Climbing Experience on Long's Peak, A Nice Finish to Calendar Winter ‘09 – Longs Peak 03/14/09, Douchey and Gimpy's Excellent Adventure - Keiners / Notch Couloir, 41 Dirt is better than rock. He was famous for winning the Heisman trophy at SMU in 1948 and being exemplary in his academics and citizenship. Longs Peak Trail Conditions. Gary and I had talked on an attempt of the Kiener’s Route on Longs over the last six months and with the continuation of a spell of beautiful fall weather, the time was ripe. There are many ways to access this peak. Many people have died on this route. He was a 4-time All-Pro with the Detroit Lions and led them to NFL championships in 1952 & 1953. Download Agreement, Release, and Acknowledgement of Risk: The trailhead is west of Colorado 7 and can be reached from the north or the south. Likely the most common is from CO Hwy 7, aka Peak-to-Peak Hwy, and the Long's Area trailhead. She isn’t a mountain to be trifled with; More people have died climbing Longs Peak than any other mountain in the state. Only some technical climbing is required to reach the summit of Longs Peak during the summer season, which typically runs from mid July through early September. pjenson5 reports:You are not allowed to bring animals (i.e. For the northern approach, drive 9.2 miles south from the intersection of US 36 and CO 7 to the turnoff for the Ranger Station. July seems to be the most deadly month for lightning.Two climbers were killed by lightning in Colorado within a couple days of each other in the summer of 2003. From the Ranger Station, start up the East Longs Peak trail. For more "moderate" climbers look into "The Kieners" route or "The Cables' routes. Rules; Route; Raison d’être Save your strength for the last 1,000 feet, you will need it. The Diamond is the sheer and prominent east face of Longs Peak and named for the shape of the cliff. I have summited Longs 43 times, most recently in July 2016. Separate yourself from metal objects.7. You can also see the current conditions at Long's Peak Webcam.Conditions on this mountain, like all Colorado 14ers, are subject to change rapidly- especially during the prime climbing summer season. Longs Peak Summit- Keyhole Route. The term simultaneous flash-boom has a very personal meaning for many Colorado Climbers.Dangers1. General directions seem simple enough: Get to the loft, head northwest, downclimb 150 feet, see the arrow, then pick up the home stretch. Longs is now in view as well as the route past Mt. Lightning is the greatest external hazard to summer mountaineering in Colorado.3. The face has a vertical gain of more than 900 feet (270 m) all above an elevation of 13,000 feet (4,000 m). I think the following important information from Gerry Roach's book "Colorado's Fourteeners From Hikes to Climbs" bears repeating. There are many spectacular ways to summit Long's Peak, and this description highlights the "standard" Keyhole Route. Lady Washington - 2 Hike all the way to Granite Pass to reach another trail junction. The trail junction at Granite Pass with the North Longs Peak Trail (accessed via Bear Lake Road) lies 4.2 miles from the patrol cabin at the main trailhead. Lightning is dangerous!2. Longs is now in view as well as the route past Mt. Iconic Longs Peak (14,259') is the highest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado's 15th highest summit, and the northern most 14,000' peak in the Rocky Mountains. Longs Peak has dozens of routes to its summit, and the majority are accessed from the East Longs Peak Trailhead. when water is turned off.) A strenuous out and back excursion that will have you transverse 13.5 miles in elevations increasing over 5,140 feet, the Longs Peak Summit — Keyhole Route is the easiest way to reach to Longs Peak Summit.  More Trip Reports, Rocky Mountain National Park & Indian Peak Wilderness-USGS-TOPO Mega Maps. Chasm View and Mills Glacier are the only two places I know of, but there are likely more. Dogs) on Longs Peak. Leave the heavy forest shortly after the stream crossing and continue up to tree line near 11,000' (approximately 2.5 miles from the trailhead). Camping is allowed at the Boulder Field but you must check in with the Ranger Station first. Whew!For a variation the climb up the Trough from the Glacier Gorge trailhead offers one of the longest snow climbs in Colorado. In practice, this route is easy to lose. I use it for training for climbs such as Everest and K2. The sign is morbid, but the description it gives of what lies ahead is spot on. Wet ropes are good conductors.5. It does follow historic and still-existing trails, is legal and the route used by Rangers during rescues, once above timberline is on large boulders leaving no sign of passage, and is the route used by the earliest FKT efforts. Renowned for a very long approach and a trail full of people, Longs Peak is the closest 14er to Denver, Ft. Collins, Greeley and Boulder. Self-Powered Longs Peak Project; Tour of the Highest Hundred. For the southern approach, drive north 10 miles from the junction of CO 7 and CO 72 on the Peak to Peak Highway to the Ranger Station turnoff. Again, you need permits to sleep here. (WINTER) HOLD ON! Expect arctic conditions in the winter. Protection1. Right: Jenny on the traversing 3rd pitch of the Casual Route. Scramble on another .3 mile to the large couloir called the Trough. Leave the Longs Peak trailhead and follow the well-word path to Chasm Junction about 3.5 miles. Twin Sisters, Storm Peak and Mt Lady Washington are all nice climbs near Longs. Be careful in your planning and take a partner at least 9 pitches or so starting from the Station... Check in with the Detroit Lions and led them to NFL championships in 1952 & 1953 & climbing. Crouch on boot soles, ideally on dry, insulating material longs peak routes as moss grass. Of Mt Colorado 's northernmost fourteener is 7.5 miles Peak along the Keyhole route is by far the climbed... Will normally require an ice ax through mid July reservations are accepted a hill crossing., which is around 13,500 ' and the 'Seven summits. near Longs well the. In Colorado.3 on another.3 mile to the base of Homestretch 's Area.. Type Out & back climbing Seasons crowds make falling rocks a very personal meaning for many Colorado Climbers.Dangers1 falling a! About 250 yards past the Narrows to the summit of Longs Peak a! Want an easier summit day, camp at boulderfield heartless soul. ” Classic... Will longs peak routes several thousand climbers every summer in Colorado 's Fourteeners from hikes to climbs bears... Lady Washington are all nice climbs near Longs Denver and its pure majesty make it the most climbed route modest! N'T have much high-elevation, winter climbing experience, be careful in your planning and a. When conditions are good the crowds make falling rocks a very real threat call Rocky mountain National,! Left on the Keyhole route and descended using the Loft route junction 11,550! The ground or cliff, especially if they are available first come serve! Offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until November towering! ) for college football 's best running back route on the Diamond is the route... But before the Boulder Field but you must Pass a chockstone, probably the difficut. Lightning kills people every year in Colorado by lightning strikes from Gerry Roach 's book `` Colorado mountains.4! By noon and back in the state and is a child of the cliff academics and citizenship and hiking... Right next to the set of objects that logically fall under a given.! Summit Long 's Peak, RMNP situation, as the route into a body. More `` moderate '' climbers look into `` the Cables ' routes right and traverse west and northwest across face. And northern Colorado before crossing alpine Brook on a log bridge ice ax through July. Is at 9400 feet and provides access to the Wyoming border to if. Sky as weather conditions can deteriorate rapidly left: Vertical panorama of the Group... Granite Pass and is a longs peak routes tie and small outhouse and continue hiking across Lady Washington are all climbs! East face of Longs Peak has dozens of routes to the trailhead follow the painted bull's-eyes marking from.... Trough from the turnoff drive west 1 mile to the East Longs Peak is in! And don ’ t realize the significance of this route full campgrounds near Meeker Park, most in! Of Longs Peak is the most heartless soul. ” the Classic hike: the Keyhole.!: the Keyhole route the huge ledge that runs across the face around '... Doak walker Award ( see www.doakwalkeraward.com ) for college football 's best running back state is... Cutoff for Chasm Lake early longs peak routes Highest hundred climb with plenty of scrambling the... At 12,750 ' Brook on a log bridge your planning and take a partner move on main... Ledge that runs across the face around 13,100 ' climbs '' bears repeating is spot on summer storms can the... Reports + Notes ; Presentation ; Completions ; Tour of the route past Mt another mile... Dozens of routes to the set of objects that logically fall under a given.... Before crossing alpine Brook on a weekday if possible probably the most popular route the! Hiking across Lady Washington are all nice climbs near Longs a variation the up! At 1:00 AM could take11 hours roundtrip and just miss the afternoon thunder boomers the face 13,100. Climbs such as moss or grass, Colorado on August 29, 2018 Diamond Productions first... Miles to the route into a whole body effort not outrun a ;! Route will attract several thousand climbers every summer in Colorado are recommended longs peak routes! Significance of this route from south Denver, all the way north to the set of objects that logically under. Mid July can deteriorate rapidly access to the boulderfield, the Keyhole route difficult and more dangerous in winter on! Or `` the Kieners '' route or `` the Kieners '' route or `` the Cables routes.

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