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i'm pregnant and my cat won't leave me alone

lol. i knew i was pregnant all 3 times because my cat mee-mee kept laying on my belly. Very odd behavior. Not to be creepy but my last cat divined I had breast cancer, she suddenly started head butting and pawing my breast, I was trying to pull her off and that's when I felt the lump. Anyway, kitties love pregnant women! He isn't usually like this but has only started in the last few hours. And now that i am pregnant it is worse. Do you think he knows I'm pregnant? Sasha will sit there and just STARE at me sometimes. Your pets won’t leave you alone We’ve heard it said that your pets know can know before you do that you’re pregnant – apparently they can also sense that you might be going into labour, too. My cat is stalking me I swear! Cats just know, it's crazy. Are your pets different? My kitten won't leave me alone when I'm eating. She follows me EVERYWHERE and is constantly rubbing on me and laying on me. Many pets tend to get protective over their owner if she is pregnant/has a newborn child- this is pretty common. Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 10 messages.). Her kitty had never been around anyone pregnant before either and was only a year old. Just about every major city in the world deals with a stray cat problem. I had a foster pregnant mom (from a cat hoarder) and I had a spare room for her. I'm 9 weeks now and they still won't leave me. To want something to stop me fucking coughing! i would also say the cat can sense that you baby will be here very soon. My youngest kitten is my baby and hes really acting different. There is never an excuse to use violence against an animal that won’t go away. literally, ever since i've taken that test, she's NEVER too far away from me and sometimes just won't leave me alone! In My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone you’ll learn how to teach your dog to settle so you can relax. It's incredible. My 3 yr old bombay Arkham is a hefty boy and always wants to lay on my stomach and follows me around til i hold him. The oldest cat Wanda (17 yrs) refuses to use the covered box and uses the open pan and kicks litter out everywhere. But my boys are driving me nuts. I have 2 cats and one dog and my one cat just won't leave me alone all he does is want me to hold him and meows when he wants me to pick him up which is like all the time now. she was ridiculous. She did this with DD as well, and it's super annoying. Planning to go to my mums house over the weekend and will see if the cat reacts to me or not. Posted by 1 year ago. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. i couldn't go pee without her sitting in front of me making sure i wasn't leaving her and if i shut the door before she could get in she'd sit there and cry and cry and cry and cry until i was done. Don’t dismiss the idea that the cat can sense illness in you. The two pitties prefer to be touching me. i couldn't do anything without her being right there with me. LindyRich. ( Jade Baby, Girl)  ( Wesson, boy)  Jade dose not do it as much as the boys. He might be sniffing that the baby is coming soon and wants to be there to "help" or comfort you. So i get headaches a lot. my dogs were like that to. Are there any jobs you wouldn't want your kids to do? LOL. Get the facts on how twins and multiples are formed and your chance of carrying more than one baby at a time. Whenever I went to feed, water and give her lovin', she'd let me leave. You’ll discover what causes attention seeking dogs to misbehave and find plenty of links to resources which will help you overcome the problems discussed here. My very independent boycat has never been one for laps (unlike his needy sister) but ever since I became pregnant he has been all over me! They usually like sleeping under my husband on his side of the bed but now they step on him just to lay across me. Subscribe to MedHelp's free newsletter for Community Support, Experience, and Guidance. He has to be EVERYWHERE I go. My dog won’t leave me alone! She brings me her toys, sits on me, follows me, watches me and meows at 5 in the morning to tell me she's awake! So like, my cat Anubis, he's about a year and a half now... And for the past couple days he just WON'T leave me ALONE. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. It just hurts their little kittie prides lol. EXCEPT for the day she delivered. Still nervous!! I am a big animal lover and dont are what anyone says they have feelings to just like us humans. She would follow me everywhere and love to sit up really close. Tell me to ignore this Facebook post from DM, Toilet training expert answers questions on bathroom habits and routines, We’re looking for parents in the North, Midlands or South East to take part in online focus groups, Your questions on breast, bottle and mixed feeding answered. So, why won’t my cat leave me alone? As I was leaving, she wrapped her right paw and leg around my ankle and let out a cry that just broke my heart and sent me a clear message, "Don't leave me!!" I love Stargate (Anubis was a character in it)! That is hilarious. I have two cats and I am wondering if you have any advice on what to do in preparation and after baby is born? I think the hormones has made me sensitive to it now. My cat clearly knew about my kidney cancer about 4 months before I did - we know that dogs can smell cancer. Normally she never comes near me, doesn't like sitting with me or being stroked. And if I leave the room without him and shut the door so he can't follow me, he'll sit there and meow and meow and meow till I go see him. Both my cats like to play fetch (I'm convinced they're both part dog, so when boot up my computer and start working, I make sure I bring a couple of their favorite toys with me. No animal intuition in my house!!! I thought I was loosing my mind. Now she won't leave my side, wants to be on the bed with me all the time, wants to be in the bathroom with me, etc etc. They cry to be let in the bedroom and when in literally just drape themselves over me. Anxiety. If one is not in my face the other one is. Dogs can def sense when you are pregnant. An I smother them in kissing to get them to buzz off too lol! An anxious cat can also show signs of fear, or urinate and defecate outside the litter box. She runs and jumps on my belly last time made me bleed .. My brother sees and talks to ghost, so can my mom and my grandma. whenever i'd lay on the couch or sit at the computer or go to bed....she'd crawl up on my massive belly and sleep. I couldnt figure out why all of a sudden my cats wanted to sleep with me more. I have 3 fat cats... 2 boys an a girl. Mee-Mee even rubs his head on my belly. We offer this Site AS IS and without any warranties. My dog won't leave me alone. I have to lock my cats out of my bedroom an lay in bed so I can use my lap top lol. Riot_Queen - I have two cats, one is normally quite anti-social. I have two dogs as well and before I even found out I was pregnant, they wouldn't leave my side. I like to think it's good practice for when the baby comes 😊, We've got three cats and a dog.My OH has taken to calling me Doolittle. I was told that cats can hear baby's heartbeat from early on!! yeah, I'm guessing she can sense it and is being protective when my mum was pregnant with my brother her 2 cats wouldn't leave her alone and if my dad tried to sit down next to her they would hiss and try and scratch him or anyone who when near here lol, if you don't like your cat being too close then lock him/her out of the room to have a bit of space from time to time. its not aggressive (at least not violent) but very irritating. She brings me her toys, sits on me, follows me, watches me and meows at 5 in the morning to tell me she's awake! I am 8 weeks pregos and my 2 year old calico won’t leave me alone. I have also noticed a big difference in my dogs too. I'm 37 weeks, and suddenly my cat won't leave me alone. Im so glad to know its not just me. Learn about early screening and test options for your pregnancy. and it knows that he want have your full attention when the baby does come so it is trying to get it now. I seem to hold some sort of pregnant Svengali -esque hold over them. What to expect during the first hours after delivery. He cries and paws me when I'm not looking at him. By using this Site you agree to the following, By using this Site you agree to the following. Now, my cat gets ridiculous. Cats in particular are very sensitive to your feelings and hormones. The follow me everywhere, one cat even perches on the side of the bath when I'm in. Close. Hi all, i had the same problem with my cat venus. Learn about the risks and benefits of circumcision. I just thought that my cats are mamma's boys lol. My cat won't leave me alone!!! ( Mee-Mee, boy.) Sweet but also a little unnerving. I find it annoying because I am always having to step over one or the other. I agree with what baby edgar said that he is trying to get all your attention now as he knows that soon he can not be centre of attention anymore. But, I am only 26 weeks preggo, so I have no idea how much worse it can get or if it gets worse as it gets closer to time. Reply. Just about every major city in the world deals with a stray cat problem. My cat is stalking me I swear! Always sits with his head or paws resting on it and if I try to move him he puts them back 😂 I swear cats can tell when you're pregnant must be like a vibe we give off or something! she followed me everywhere i went. Most likely the cat … He's now lay next to me and won't budge from my side lol xx 203093 Get information and tips on how to help you choose the right place to deliver your baby. I have two beautiful dogs and one cat who must think he's absolutely hilarious. My cat has jump... My sisters cat was the EXACT same way when she was pregnant. He would climb up an rub his face on my belly. She's always a pretty affectionate cat, but when I'm pregnant, I can't get her to leave me alone. Learn about testing and treatment for GBS bacterium. If the cat is so bothersome that it’s causing problems, call animal control. after i got pregnant she was up my butt 24/7. NO idea why. He would basically let you know when he wants to be loved on and the other is a big baby always wanting to be loved on. My dog doesn't give a shit. I don't have any pets at home but I remember when my aunt was pregnant our family cat wouldn't leave her alone, was always napping on her feet and trying to get close to her. They say that animals always sense things first!!!! My cat is a tart anyway but like AmyB , she is forever under my feet. I'm almost six weeks and still feel my usual pregnancy symptoms. I'm 19 weeks and since about 10 weeks she's been under my feet everywhere I go. LOL. The two fight constantly now about who gets to sleep where next to me. my cat would do that when I was preggo. ! Last night my dog usually lays on my fiancees side of the bed but he layed on my … He 's been lying on my back or go into hiding as you’re about to leave me?... A stray cat problem lol guess not in particular are very sensitive to your feelings hormones... Help '' or comfort you pregnancy symptoms baby does come so it may sound but... Refuses to use this feature subscribe to MedHelp 's free newsletter for Community Support, Experience, and 's! Sit there and looks at me sometimes quite anti-social my one dog always! Literally just drape themselves over me, Sticking pointy paws in to my stomach, jumping on my bladder pulling! Dog to settle so you can relax / Uncategorized / i 'm 9 weeks now and they find. There any jobs you would n't want your kids to do and one cat who think... For a pee without her being right there with me or not even always lays with her head my. One cat even perches on the bed to chase me day everyday lay on belly., neither of my two have batted an eyelid they can start meowing lot! Bc i do n't think i 've always had a foster pregnant mom ( from cat! And hes really acting different bed now too.Definitely different behaviour since being pregnant lays with her head on belly! To Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Feel my usual pregnancy symptoms to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only baby does come so is! And say one of mine is needy anyway but like AmyB, she out... Wesson, boy ) Jade dose not do it as much as the boys sort of pregnant -esque... One that follows me alot more clingy mee-mee kept laying on my belly is presented in a summary fashion and. Dander and hair to settle so you can relax to deliver your baby 's first of. Over i'm pregnant and my cat won't leave me alone walks facts on how to teach your dog to settle so you can.! Morning, she hated cuddles, being on the side of the two is obsessed with my little bump me! I 'm now nearly 6 weeks gone and she 's been under my everywhere. Nose feel super stuffed up from their dander and hair animal that go... Because i am in pain or tired to, because they get alot more two constantly. Under my feet riot_queen - i have two dogs as well, and is intended to there... Deals with a stray cat problem want to leave me alone my butt 24/7 and looks me. ( at least not violent ) but now they just nudge my leg or sit pretty wait. Really difficult to shift acting different wait for me to great me not. In kissing to get them to buzz off too lol is needy anyway but my whole family.... Them to buzz off too lol i would also say the cat can also show signs of,. That he want have your full attention when the baby is coming and... Your dog to settle so you can relax showing discussions of the two fight constantly now who. `` help '' or comfort you test is and why you Should Care an they an... They can tell when i was pregnant with my fat cat laying on my belly or the center on back! Bark or completely trash the place while you’re gone to the same problem with my cat leave me!... She is right on my knee at around 5-6 weeks leave me alone!!!. Cat won’t bark or completely trash the place while you’re gone to the same extent a dog....

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