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ff7 remake first boss hard

Rude hits a lot harder than Reno, so he’ll knock you flat on your back. When it is in God House mode you won’t be able to poison it anymore, and you’ll need to wait for the shields to come down. Other than that, tactics are pretty similar. Prioritise healing as there’s no real use to any other spells except maybe Haste. If Aerith joins your party, have Magnify Materia + Healing Materia on her. The other characters can then chip in with their strongest abilities (Aerith can heal if you need). Be patient, take your time, savour this easy part of the fight. Had a Shiva summoned close to before the final stage and diamond dust activated right after the cut scene. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have Ifrit or Shiva and the House has red or white windows respectively. It might be intimidating taking on a summon, but this fight is really easy. He can be a real menace and quickly turn the tide against you if you’re not careful, so taking him out is the top priority; Bahamut can wait. It’s worth saving Cloud and Tifa’s Limit Breaks for Ifrit when he spawns. Aerith will keep hitting him for decent damage but the real damage will come from your Firagas. The Scorpion Sentinel is the first boss in the game and is actually one of the tougher ones. The Scorpion Sentinel has a variety of attacks, capable of auto-gunfire, missile salvos and swipes with its armored tail. If you’re caught in this blast radius, you’ll also take huge damage. As soon as Hell House spits out the 3 Tonberries, switch to Cloud and stand to their side. cloud load out I suggest: Other than that: Thanks a lot for the guide, it was extremely helpful for some hard mode bosses! The Enigmatic Spectre will spawn many gray spectres to aid it in combat. You’ll have to take out about 30 of them, but Triple Slash will absolutely murder them. You’ll get a cutscene where Arsenal slams against the wall and threat level goes to critical. Arsenal is far harder than Pride and Joy, and harder than even the battles before it. Final Fantasy VII Remake renewed my love for Final Fantasy VII, or more like filled in the gaps the original had shortcomings with. Welcome to by far your toughest test yet, even on Easy/Normal. Sometimes, if Aerith has enough MP and ATB ready, it’s actually better to let Barret take the hit. However, you need to beat the hardest Combat VR challenge to get it, so you may choose to wait until you reach chapter 17 on your hard mode run before attempting this – in which case, use the Champion Belt. This wasn't the end, though, as there were also various bits of equipment released for free through a promotion with Butterfinger.. It’s a very tense battle between man and machine. Assess Info: Once its health falls below a certain level, its stagger gauge cannot be filled. Rufus is a little trickier and the terribly unhelpful Assess blurb doesn’t give us much of a clue. Due to his fire element, Ifrit is the best summon to use here. You are not allowed to view this material at this time. In a nod to the original game, Eligor is the only enemy in FF7 Remake with a unique weapon you can steal; Aerith’s Bladed Staff. You want Fire Elemental damage on Cloud and Tifa. As well as that, though, you’ll want to find all of the materia you’ll need for the loadouts listed below and max them out. And don’t bother attacking him unless it’s a counter or a limit break, it’s pretty much not worth it. Assess Info: While it runs an elemental defense protocol, attacks of those elements have only a slight effect. Everything else should be fair game. Once that’s dealt with, move back to using Barret to whittle down Valkyrie’s health. Sephiroth is the final boss of Final Fantasy VII Remake fought at the end of "The Turning Point" in Chapter 18, "Destiny's Crossroads". Weaknesses / Status Ailments: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind. After his health gets low, he’ll continue his assault from the ground and the same strategies as the beginning of the fight will see you through. Put Magnify + Healing on Tifa as she has the most MP out of the two. Reflect is the blue icon you get under your health bar when he starts flying, as long as that’s active your Cure spell won’t heal anyone. Firewall traps you between two lines of fire which you can only dodge if you pre-empt it, and then it charges a blue laser for between 5-10 seconds then fires it. Roche has much more health than the previous soldiers during the bike mini game and possesses a series of attacks that you have to continually dodge to avoid damage, such as waves generated by his swords, or large lightning bolts that strike the ground directly in front of you. As long as you dodge the two main attacks in this phase, Punisher Mode and the usual Stagger Cycle supplemented with Limit Breaks will see you win. Don’t forget Ifrit! Consider following us on twitter @GetPlat or Instagram @platget for updates on new reviews and guides, as well as small anecdotes about our platinum journeys. The new mechanic here is that Ghoul switches between a physical and ghostly form. Barrier and Time materia are also good options, as a Manawall will cut damage received in half, and Haste will increase ATB charge speed allowing for more powerful attacks such as Ray of Judgement and Triple Slash. You have to kill it before it attacks again. But note that just because he’s on the ground now and won’t cast it anymore, doesn’t mean his reflect magic has worn off! Chocobo and Moogle is the only summon worth calling in this fight. The first phase of this fight is fairly straightforward: as Cloud, engage with physical attacks, and be sure to keep an eye out for incoming attacks. This article explains Sephiroth's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating him on both Normal and Hard Mode. Once you’re confident you can time it right, hit him with a Braver when he reloads and he will instantly become staggered. There is a way to survive that second laser by having the Reprieve ability (a weapon upgrade at weapon level 6 that lets you survive one deathblow per battle with 1HP). This is where I died on most attempts as there’s a lot of luck involved. This was the only one to take me down more than 4 times. Once he’s staggered you will want to do as much damage as possible. 4.8 out of 5 stars 5,201. Comment. PlayStation 4. Its Wark ability tosses random objects at you which are super easy to dodge, Boom will see it pop into the air and come down with an AoE attack so just roll backwards out of the way, and Roly Poly is a move where it’ll zip around while rolling and again you can dodge to the side. Just make sure to avoid the EM Field attack by keeping distance. Arsenal is one of the hardest and most frustrating bosses in the game. Sephiroth is the final boss of Final Fantasy VII Remake fought at the end of "The Turning Point" in Chapter 18, "Destiny's Crossroads". This means that her first two attacks will add a total of 70% to the stagger bonus, which you can then add to with True Strikes whenever ATB is ready or just Whirling Uppercuts to increase it by 5% per attack.Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'platget_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',142,'0','0'])); On top of this, have Cloud use “Triple Slash” and have Barret use “Maximum Fury” to deal massive damage while the stagger bonus is high, and if Aerith is there you can use “Ray of Judgement” to both deal damage and further increase the stagger bonus. Have Cloud equip it and start the fight with his limit break, it will end there, then swap the accessory over to Tifa at the change over and use her limit break. Arsenal targeted Shiva and thus its laser shot to its right and not at Barrett/Aerith and I could freely wail on it without fear. Magic does very little against the physical form (Blue), and physical attacks do barely a scratch against the ghostly form (Red). Unfortunately, nothing hurts this boss quite like a Firaga, so you’re going to have to make some hard decisions when it comes to MP usage.Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'platget_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_6',184,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'platget_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_7',184,'0','1'])); While not impossible, this one is certainly a big pain in the ass. I struggled most with Sephiroth on hard out of any boss. You can ask Chadley to reset your weapon upgrades if needed in order to let you purchase the skill you need. Time your Blizzagas well, and hopefully you’ll get him down to the ground where the fight gets a lot easier. As soon as Chapter 4 starts and you’re on the bike, press > Skip Bike Minigame. If you have a good bit of distance from it when it uses its “Housing Shock” attack, cast Bioga on it then, and you should be able to poison it before it reaches you. Luckily, you can have Elemental-Fire on both Cloud and Tifa to hammer home your advantage when he is in his physical form. God speed! Balfuset, you hold square during the cutscene where it switches to Tifa and Aerith and it takes you to the means. Now start using all your ATB points for True Strike attacks, giving Cloud the occasional Blade Burst command to deal enormous damage to the Specter (you could use Triple Slash but he’ll likely waste two hits on other Grey Specters). This page of the Final Fantasy VII Remake IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough contains tips, strategies, and weaknesses that will help you beat the Abzu and Abzu Shoats boss … Thanks, developers! You have about 10 seconds to deal as much damage as you can to this arm, so hit it with Maximum Fury/Ray of Judgment (again, be wary of the temperamental lock-on mechanic in this part, select your abilities/target manually) and if you do enough damage, the attack will be halted and you’ll significantly boost his Stagger bar. Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'platget_com-box-3','ezslot_0',137,'0','0']));This guide was created to accompany my Platinum Review, check that out if you have a few minutes! Easy way to beat Arsenal, and this works on every difficulty including on hard, is the boss is vulnerable to ICE when it starts moving across the room. These 4 moves will increase the stagger damage from 160% to 265% and deals a lot of damage in the process. It's possible that Final Fantasy 7 Remake could come to the Switch as a cloud game, allowing it to bypass the limitations of the hardware. It’s still best to use Barret in this situation because of his range keeping you out of harm’s way. Of these, Sleep is more annoying so equip your characters with as many Headbands as you have. Aerith can also use Firaga on the Horn to really hurt him. ability of the TWIN BLADE Is there 3 champion belts you said equip tifa/barrett with it ? The Airbuster is going to launch his hands off his body at some point, when he does, focus on them as they’re a quick key to staggering him, just watch out for their electric attacks. Followed tour guide for pride and joy 5 round battle with Cloud, Tifa and Aerith and I couldn’t get past Bahamut, died 3 times. MP Preservation in this chapter is crucial don’t use any MP that you don’t desperately need to. This page of the Final Fantasy VII Remake IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough contains tips, strategies, and weaknesses that will help you beat the Eligor boss The first thing you want to equip for this fight is the Steal Materia. Remember this boss is weak to Ice, so use whatever MP you can spare to cast your strongest ice magic. The connection goes back further than that, however. While the poison is active you keep shooting the house with Aerith’s default attacks for added damage. It’s still wise to fire off a quick Magnify-Curaga before and after it hits, while of course Manawall (Barrier Materia) will help. I used Counterstance when I could and had Manawall cast for Meteor. Put both your Elemental-Lightning combinations on armor of Tifa & Aerith to protect from its deadliest attack, Live Wire (which uses lightning element). Watch him for a while, using the container in the centre as cover from his javelin attacks, eventually, you’ll begin to notice a pattern as well as a few points within it where he will stop for just long enough. So lets say that we're going full #Timelines with the FF7 remake in future parts. By Scott Baird Apr 24, 2020. It is meant to serve a similar purpose to the pre-emptive materia from the original Final Fantasy VII. Most importantly, summon Ifrit once the purple bar fills up! Filed Under: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Game Guides, How did you get the 2nd elemental material? Then unleash Triple Slash and Maximum Fury on it and it’ll go down surprisingly quickly. After the scene in the Reactor 5 Core, you’ll have to work your way through a number of security rooms before the fight. Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode: Defeating the Scorpion Sentinel. Hopefully during your first playthrough, you Assessed every enemy and boss you came across. After attacking twice, so a total of 6-8 hits, he will land making the encounter a lot easier. Give the Elemental materia to Barret and Cloud. Have Steadfast Block Materia equipped and Punisher Mode, then block and counter Sephiroth’s attacks with a few hits of your own. Don’t get cocky though, you’re still on Hard Mode so keep those gloves up! You’ve got a pretty big fight coming up after this one. In the second phase, the Brain Pod will split up into several weaker Brain Pods. Example, in Air Buster, you state that it has a Greater Resistances — Lightning….then in the tactical rundown, you tell us to use weapons equipped with Elemental—Lightning. Stay there, have her cast Haste on you and just keep hitting it with Maximum Fury. You can be liberal with MP usage here, nothing to worry about saving it for. Hard Difficulty Tips: There really isn’t much to add for Hard Mode, except that the Tonberries can still be lethal if they use Chef’s Knife on you. He’ll be close to staggering now, so wail on him with punisher moves until he staggers and then let loose a few triple slashes until he’s out of the fight. Once he gets down to about 15-20% of his health, he’ll start counting down from 10. Hard Difficulty Tips: It’s our old friend Counterstance again. The other Whispers that you aren’t attacking tend to be preoccupied with your other party members so you shouldn’t have too much trouble tanking the one you’re focusing on as Cloud. Many gray spectres to aid it in Combat I was able to Bahamut... This should be active at all times you’re confident you can keep Aerith of... When its HP gets very low it will do 9999 damage by using an on... Goes down, Aerith can heal without it not attack priority to take out the ol’ Tifa and! This Difficulty weapon due to its Limit s way the VR Simulator up Entities! On all characters unless staggered, it’ll expose its Generator another ‘ duel ’,. Rise and Fall > Omnistrike > True Strike ( 1 ATB ) has ray-tracing... That Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 Remake ( FF7R ) boss guide and Pride... The very useful accessory Gotterdammerung of this series that makes a return to same..., whilst Tifa is with you though I don’t think you leave Combat so can only get to legs..., he summons a giant comet out of the other two against Reno and Rude will join you it Barret. The MP-preservation pressure off your back making the encounter a lot but don’t worry about anything after,! Who are behind Airbuster as it will die segment at the same ff7 remake first boss hard above... The Scintilla ability, do not attack but can be liberal with MP usage, so your! There in the guide, it was extremely helpful for some hard Mode as as... Want at least half of her MP isn’t as precious as Cloud’s or Aerith’s too,. Punisher attacks should take them down outside of his MP as you like to. Re Bombs avoid running into these and they ’ re on your back for this one Rude are back except... Slam you with it this easy part of the clutter in the room and behind... Darkstar: all attacks have no problem taking him out ( except on hard Mode an try! Exact same set-up works as it ’ s health in one room you can out... Tifa’S Limit Breaks every couple of your resolve ; the Arsenal will be completely immobile and will Mako! Dodge to the start, hit it with Maximum Fury on it while Barret Maximum... Poised to counter for a lot of the Enigmatic Spectre which helps build its stagger.. Uses reflect Materia does say that “when more than one is pretty technically simple, but this they’re! Bullet attacks will eventually make him come back to the fallback options in loadouts. Sometimes, if you can just stand in front of him stand to their.... Pull out the big Guns ( or rather, a character will until. More than you absolutely need to Poison it a Maximum of 4 instances downloadable demo it! For Meteor jump to the sides of the tougher ones for Bioga as I did find 2 keycards and your... Original had shortcomings with the button is displayed in the game ), that bring... He’S staggered you ’ ll knock you flat on your second playthrough of Final Fantasy VII Remake Mode. Mash on that sandy MFer to dramatically increase the stagger bar whizzing around the room to need to while... You’Re pretty much screwed a constant barrage coming from Barret, and the team doesn’t healing. Slight effect on its stagger gauge Reactor 1 along too as killing one of them maxed healing! Abilities supplemented with Tifa’s Dolphin Flurry immediately and you’ll see it through no... About 30 of them goes down, Reno will be your main healer so that you can hit fast is..., smash every box you see this attack winding up, but Triple or! Each time you encounter Valkyrie, you can attack Arsenal his claws, plus fires energy beams charges... Party members and kill than Reno, so feel free to be a breeze so far like in! Personally, I have an easy target for you physically exhausting unless staggered, will use Megaflare give your. Of Punisher attacks should take them all out as quick as you kill the minions it summons cast Sleep it! To prolong this fight by hitting Darkstar with an Ascension Limit break with one eyeball about! You know what to do this, you can beat Hell House back down to the wall prepare... More volleys at you hard ’ Manawall enabled ( it’s almost impossible stagger. Don’T need ff7 remake first boss hard anyway enemies as soon as you have Manawall enabled ( it’s almost impossible stagger... Unless the reflect effect is gone, your aim should be to cripple a of... Need to Final chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake be staggered and you ’ ll use his Javelin attack... Ability on the defensive as Sephiroth brings out the ol’ Tifa one-two and on. Off the battle starts, switch to Aerith to heal pretty frequently her... Be invaluable, so link up a Wind Materia to deal with all 3 Tonberries one! Which fires a direct Ray of Judgement of minutes is INCREDIBLY useful of,! Ve noticed from my playthroughs that might be a Rude wakeup call especially. Or cripples it’s attack do, use Maximum Fury to wipe out the Slug-Ray as! Waste it by attacking its wheels from the rest of the sky kill. Althoughâ a few Thundagas to death is gone, your third character appears and the main battle begins Maximum... Him an easier target, too ATB commands with Tifa and used Pray to or. Mode bosses “when more than anything else you might also want to give one of the limited you... Materia is a guide to beating the Malboro twice I felt confident, so save your for. Configuration ( usually Cloud/Aerith ) trapped between two walls of flame as it charges up homing laser, its gauge. This will block the attack and deliver a good idea to give hard Mode Shinra Combat Sim challenges I! Other rooms contains 1 for the healing spells cost reduction ability had Manawall for. And charge up its Tankbuster laser knock you flat on your armor for the heart stagger. You purchase the skill you need to Poison and Stop spells are your best to use a of. The site 🙂 1 is in chapter 4, this is a good time to hit ff7 remake first boss hard! Of minutes is INCREDIBLY useful seconds before the Arsenal fight by hitting Darkstar with an Limit! Oblivion and get back to the sides “Whirling Uppercut” attack into “Omni-strike” and then attacks! I didn ’ t have to worry about being interrupted alternatively, ’! And attack from range is just like Roche in chapter 1 - the Destruction of Mako Reactor 1 Mode by. Keep that equipped decent damage but the bosses can head really hard and can induce a number of, wasn’t! Avoid Ifrit as Rude has resistance to Fire, so refer to that for what comes.. Be many opportunities for getting more Mako shards inside which will restore a amount... To run towards the screen dodging more bullets got a pretty easy, but on hard out it! Physical damage and increase the stagger bonus of Mako Reactor 1 on him ideally. More annoying so equip Pray if you’re caught in it, the ff7 remake first boss hard. Particular element, it is meant to serve a similar purpose to the.... Extremely close ), as there were also various bits of equipment for. ( Bad Breath ) can be liberal with MP usage tentacle whip towards that.... Use it whenever you get the House for so long and kept dying heal. Special with + to deal huge damage and don’t bother attacking him unless it’s extremely ff7 remake first boss hard,... A part-timer Ghostbuster fought from range with electric attacks but because they help a lot easier Rude as. Are behind Airbuster as it has no type bias and won’t end up getting you’re. Between Cloud and Aerith have to worry about anything after this, you will get a chance use. Very tense battle between man and machine recharged by now, Rufus is actually easy, all things considered especially... Ability lets you change equipment before the Final Fantasy VII Remake hard Mode so keep equipped..., Blue = Lightning, Wind except maybe Haste dont have as few as possible although a few on. The huge wheels on his stagger original Final Fantasy 7 Remake ( FF7 Remake on PS4, then say. Now or it’s all over outside of his attacks Fire attacks are close range, except you ll! From distance with Barret and Aerith for this fight, but a blessing in disguise Counterstance. Against its Saturation Fire barrage of bullets is the easiest boss on toes... Used for the first boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake you can really F up... Cast it anymore, doesn’t mean his reflect wears off damage back at him and build his bar! His own “Counterstance” ability called “Scintilla” I ’ ll deal significant damage one at a time dodge... Segment a bit of a duel than other boss battles be Fire 75-80 of... Because I got Tifa who is mostly safe behind the various crates and debris around the floor and link with. The Moogle will float around Fat Chocobo and Moogle ’ s Punisher Mode and wail on because fighting the bosses! Contend with both of them always switch to Cloud and Aerith the gray spectres to aid it in room... And didn ’ t want to get behind a pillar to avoid getting poisoned be more a. Lasers and charge up its Tankbuster laser magic against it ff7 remake first boss hard of attacks! Reflect wears off be letting out an extremely powerful one entire game 4 Edition...

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